Team Matt’s Regional Dressage Qualifiers victory!

Our victory at Field Farm Cross Country earlier this week with Womble for the Regional Dressage Qualifiers hosted by North Midlands Region as we just have won two classes which means Team Matt earned our official qualification to the RDA National Championships held at Hartpury College in the Summer.

We both produced best ever Grade 4 Championship test in front of Jane Atack, the judge who was impressed by our accuracy we ride in that test which Jane has given us a incredible nine on our scoresheet which both of us earned this first time ever as we proudly scored 66.25% to win our first class. In the second test we perform in front of Jane which we did a decent test which was really good so we have won another class as well. The judge’s remarks from Jane was very helpful for us which we certainly will be working on few improvements from the judges’s remarks with Jayne, our coach.

I would like to thanking our team behind my career over past few months with training which our hard work has officially paid off which has been very incredible – I am also grateful for the support from our official sponsor, Equestrian Arenas Ltd proudly supported our career since September 2017.

We’re looking forward to competing some Para Showjumping shows again in the Summer from some of the ventures such as Keysoe, RDA National Championships, British Showjumping National Championships, Scope Festival which we are hoping to grab points in current Para Showjumping league and also some local shows this year.


Matt proudly to receive his first place rosette from Jane Atack