Team Matt’s Dressage Anywhere success!!


Since October 2017, it was a very successful online debut for Team Matt to have a go at Dressage Anywhere over past few months to film our test with Womble at Scropton RDA Centre and we have won their first online win for the RDA Online Championship Show Qualifiers from October last year in the RDA Grade 4 Intro Class which we both are incredibly pleased with the feedback from the judge who watched our test online and inspired us to enjoy competing this more often.

We recently achieved few some great results over 60% which is very fantastic to our successful partnership over past few months and we took some constructive criticism on board which helped our riding to improve how we ride all the time with the support from our coach Jayne over some time. We’re very grateful from the team at Scropton for the support towards this opportunity where we could film the test at the centre – as you know some riders from Scropton RDA also has been qualified for the RDA Online Championship Show which is very incredible achievement for them alongside us – we can’t wait to competing our first ever RDA Online Championship Show in May.

Team Matt’s Dressage Anywhere results below: 

October 2017 – 65.68%, November 2017 – 60.91%, February 2018, 63.64%


Matt Dalley & Womble receiving 3rd place rosette yesterday from Dressage Anywhere