RDA National Championship 2019 Statement

Our RDA National Championships 2019 Statement

After securing our qualification for the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) National Championships in April, Womble has been out of action since May which has become difficult at the time.

Millie was our second horse and has been around for few months to build partnership together potentially which I am hoping to competing with her at RDA National Championships this year, but unfortunately, our National Championships preparations did not went well over past few months.

I am really gutted to say that this year was difficult for our competing wise and now struggling to get ready for next week. As you know that Womble just got back in action this week which it will take him so long to be 100% fit enough – I regret to inform that I will be not competing at Hartpury this year due to unforeseen circumstances.

However I still will be part of the RDA National Championship 2019 event as a volunteer which will be fantastic to celebrate its 50th anniversary and making the National Championships so very successful by supporting everyone there.

I am hoping to be back into competing in the summer with Womble – finger crossed. I’d like to thank everyone including our official sponsor Equestrian Arenas Ltd for their support towards our progress so far since April. I will never give up this passion and wanted to make everyone so proud when we are back in competing action.

–  Matthew Dalley