RDA Champs Dressage Anywhere 2018 Success!!

Matt & Womble recently has been invited to the RDA Online Championship Show 2018 hosted by Dressage Anywhere following their success from the RDA Online Qualifiers last year between August 2017 and March 2018 which is to be run in May 2018 – we will be filming the Grade 4 Intro test at Scropton RDA Centre to ride the test together representing Scropton RDA.

Over few past weeks for our filming has been really difficult due to various issues including lack of confidence, weather conditions and one week with no riding preparations so these issue we are hoping to get the filming done, but unfortunately last week Womble spooked off followed by a fall off, however Matt was so determined to get back on the saddle and it was a brave moment for us to continue riding – they just have the confidence again with incredible support from our coach, Jayne who give up her time to help with coaching which was very grateful.

Finally we have managed to get our Dressage Anywhere filming done earlier this week with coaching support from Jayne which has been very positive at the end of filming despite some error we made such as canter transitions but we rode such a very decent test at the time of filming and awaited for the score over 24 hours approximately to see if we done good enough to be in a medal position which we are hoping to achieve this and receive them at Hartpury in July Рfinger crossed.

We just have achieved a new personal best score of 70.45% for first time with Womble as the partnership was been very successful just over a year already which is also a huge achievement for us to work hard for this result, and the score has put us in the Gold Medal position at the moment was so incredible and we just been given few 8’s and a nine from the judge which were very impressive – We both really can’t believe this!

“I would like to thanking all of my team behind me who supported our progress with Womble so far, so very proud to achieve all of my success alongside Womble which our partnership has been so very successful!” – Matthew Dalley


Photo Credit: Nigel Kirby Photography