Our successful competing return at the RDA Intellectual Disability Championship 2019!

RDA ID Championships 2019 – Team Matt’s successful competing return!

It was fantastic to be competing again with Womble in the RDA Intellectual Disability Championships 2019 at Solihull Riding Club for our second competition appearance.

I enjoyed the whole day by supporting British Dressage & Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) together as an ambassador of the RDA ID Championship again which was so successful this year.

We have warmed up together before riding down the centreline. Womble has a lot of spirit during the test which we rode the test so difficult in front of two judges which saw him being distracted so much.

I am very pleased with the test score of 65.13% which was actually fantastic for our second competition appearance and we came last place in the ID WTC class – so happy to be back to compete and made everyone so proud including our official sponsor Equestrian Arenas Ltd.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support towards our competing return which has boosted our confidence again after an tricky year for Womble.