Matt’s unforgettable moments at RDA National Championships 2019!!

Our unforgettable moments at the Riding for the Disabled’s National Championships 2019 from Hartpury College, Gloucestershire

I am so luckily enough to be part of the RDA National Championship this year as one of National Championships volunteers supporting 500 competitors over three days of inspirational, outstanding and incredible competition at Hartpury College.

The national organisation RDA is set to celebrate their 50th anniversary by showcasing some incredible disciplines such as showing, endurance, dressage, showjumping and many more during the parade and that also includes various regions such as North Midlands that I am representing their region to holding up “North Midlands” region banner in this parade to celebrate their anniversary.

I am also lucky to be invited to the RDA Supporters’ Welcome reception alongside my other riders Phoebe from Scropton Riding for the Disabled as part of the RDA’s 50 Faces project that has launched in May – you can read my story among other 49 people on its website.

One of my unforgettable moments from RDA National Championships was meeting ‘This Esme‘ during the weekend – it was my privilege to take many photos of her meeting participants, even having a go at the vaulting barrel and helped with prize giving.

I’d like to congratulate RDA on their wonderful achievement of 50th anniversary milestone that I will never forget such a fantastic weekend with so many success during RDA National Championships 2019!!

Photo captured by Louise Clarke Photography